Windows 10

Windows 10 has so many amazing features that most people are unaware of. We can bolt on a 1 hour session to any courses we offer or just focus on Windows 10 for a few hours - your choice

we will always provides hints and tips on using Windows 10 on all courses we run

Microsoft Office

In addition to Excel, Word and PowerPoint we also run courses for Outlook, Project, Publisher, Access and Visio.

Windows 10

How often have you received training on Windows rather than Excel or Word or PowerPoint? Here are just some of the things windows 10 can do for you: 

  • Lock your PC automatically when you walk away from your desk
  • Quickly reload websites you’ve visited in the last month
  • Use multiple desktops – separating personal from business
  • Quickly find documents and spreadsheets you have used in the last month
  • Shake to minimise everything (not your monitor)
  • Use snap
  • Group your start menu
  • Reboot Microsoft Teams – without rebooting your PC
  • Create shortcuts to apps and files
  • NEVER use desktop shortcuts again
  • Copy and paste between non Microsoft applications

Let us know if you want Windows 10 tips and tricks built in to any of your courses


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