Feedback we've received, generally without asking

Here is a snapshot of the comments we regularly receive from clients

Paul – Well know national company in the motor industry

I’m writing to tell you of the feedback and benefits we’ve reaped after the three part  Microsoft Excel course the gents in Burton took a few weeks ago.


First of all the positive feedback has been enormous, I’ve had numerous comments from guys stating it was the best course that they have ever been on. When I’ve asked why it the best course I’m told that it was absolutely relevant and precisely what they needed. Usually during a series of parts to a course I’m laboured with negative comments about “why do I have to go” or “ I do not need this”. Apart from the one guy who gave up I’ve had no negativity, but I have had many enquiries asking if they can do another course(s) on Word and PowerPoint. News of the course has obviously gotten around as I’ve had many other operators asking if they can be involved in the next course of this type and even a few asking why they were not considered for this one.  I had no complaints of it being boring, tedious, or dull either.


We’ll reap the benefits for many a year now. I’ve now got operators who had never even sat at a computer before completing whole series of micro layouts/ electronics stock lists and work charts that benefit the whole of the business as well as their particular role. One of the gents went out and got himself a laptop last week, he is 52yrs old and this counts as his first computer, he is now asking me questions that I’m unable to answer. The main thing is it has given our guys confidence to try new things, they are no longer scared of pressing the wrong button, wiping memories or breaking it.


Last week I witnessed one of the course attendees showing one of our shift managers how to perform conditional formatting, one of the priceless moments in my working life.

Vicki  – Head of Leadership and Developmet at The East Midalnds Chamber

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Martin! 

Martin is an approved supplier for the Chamber, and we have now worked in partnership for over twelve years.  Martin provides Microsoft training for our customers, both Member and Non-Member companies and his courses are always well received with great feedback, and this is testament to his informal and interactive style, putting delegates at ease and ensuring they achieve the best from their time with us.

Martin also works with many companies delivering bespoke training, going on-site and working to ensure that the needs of both the company and the delegate are met, working hand in hand collaboratively.

During the pandemic we took all our courses on-line and Martin worked with us to redesign and redevelop the courses, adapting for the online platforms and ensuring that delegates still left the courses with the knowledge and tools they needed to support their roles.

Working now with both in-person and online options, Martin always ensures that the delivery is effective and reaches the outcomes required

Tania – London based

It’s rare that you meet a trainer/coach who really impresses you, and Martin is one of those. Martin has everything you dream of when looking for a trainer:
– Knowledge and skills
– Ability to explain clearly and logically
– Power to persuade to change your habits. It’s not enough to learn new and better ways of working with a software – you often need to change the way you work as well.

Martin creates atmosphere which is relaxed and serious at the same time: serious about learning and yet easy and humorous environment. I am a trainer myself, and if I want to attend a course, I would choose my trainer very carefully. Martin would be one of the first I would think about. Martin opened my eyes with his Taming your Inbox course. There will be no going back to overflown mail box for me. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable and skilful trainer – look no further then Martin.

Charlotte – local Midalnds based organisation

Returning to work following 9 months maternity leave I came back to an office that operates completely differently to when I left, now Microsoft365 is at the core of everything we do and I have to admit I was a little lost with all the new features having not touched a computer (let alone looked at my inbox!) since I left. I got in touch with Martin and a meeting was arranged very quickly, he was professional and patient with me as I got to grips with navigating the updated software and showed me features I didn’t even know existed! I was pretty confident that my emails were organised, everything had a place and even my sub-folders had sub-folders but the system that Martin has taught me makes so much more sense and will ensure I never miss anything or lose hours repeatedly going through emails or searching my many folders. It’s so freeing knowing that I can control my inbox rather than it controlling me, I can already see that my daily routine has changed and will be far more efficient.

Becki – Midlands based accountancy firm

Out of all the wonderful tips and tricks you have showcased, over the 4 tutorials I have attended, the tip of no longer right clicking, especially in excel, is second to none.

The time I save from no longer right clicking is unbelievable and replacing it with using the smart tag box and the ribbon is something I use when creating any document.

Thank you very much, life changing 😊

Jana – Multi Natioanl manufacturing company

I am glad that onsemi decided to collaborate with Redwing Training on a large number of trainings. Their sessions are always highly appreciated by our employees as well as Martin’s unique hands-on teaching style that encourages everyone to be involved and active from the first minute until the last one.

Personally I value Martin’s willingness to listen to our company’s needs in order to adapt each session accordingly. As a result he always provides a great mix of knowledge and practice delivered in a very professional way.

Midlands based company

PKF Smith Cooper have been using Redwing training for just over 5 years now, we use Redwing for all our Microsoft training, annually, from Excel and Word to Power Bi training.

Redwing offer bespoke training to suit our needs and enhance the skills of our staff.


Becky – Health sector

I did the excel course to brush up my skills in order to perform my new role effectively, I honestly found both the courses so useful. I feel like I have saved myself loads of time going forward and have more confidence in using excel which I now do daily.


Matt – Education sector

Just a quick “touch base” to tell you that everyone in the team is still reaping the benefits of the training you provided for us on “Taming Your Inbox”.  Some of us have gone the whole hog and adopted your system whole-heartedly, whereas others (basically me!) are using a blended approach of what we were doing before, with elements of your training.


We would absolutely recommend this training to anyone in a small/medium-sized team that can make an email communication system that works for them.



I am sure I speak on behalf of Chris as well but we both really enjoyed yesterday and the delivery of the session was great. Its not often you go on a training course and actually enjoy the whole day as well as achieve the original goal of increasing you’re learning of a particular subject. I have been


Singing both the course and your delivery’s praises this morning and have urged colleagues to get on this course as I think it would help them all.

Steve – Entrepreneur

I was very skeptical about this training. I didn’t realise how much time my emails took up in my day.
I was that guy who was sure the training was going to be a waste of time. I fired questions into Martin and refused to believe I was controlled by my inbox.

After listening to Martin and opening my mind to what he was teaching, I took on board the system he had developed and was astounded by the results.

With in 48hrs of implementing the system Martin introduced to me, I saved over 3 hours of time in my working day. This opened so many avenues for me to be more productive and get home at a reasonable hour everyday.

I can get over 100 emails a day and that used to clog my day up watching my inbox, instantly answering emails and playing catch up on missed emails through the week.

Now My inbox is empty every day and I never miss an important email. Even though I only open it 2-3 times a day.

I have stayed in contact with Martin and every new employee That has worked in my team has been introduced to the system. I have asked Martin to come in and train them to make sure it is delivered in the right way and not one person has ever said it was a waste of time when they have completed the course, and embraced the Taming the Inbox system.

Thank you Martin.

Neil – Chief Information Officer

I invited Martin into Moog to train some of my team for an initial taster session. I was intrigued by his sales pitch and encouraged by his approach that this is not software training and involved no installs or bespoke customisations to the desktop. I think everyone in a business world has slowly become a slave to their email and I’ve seen various attempts to get it under control so I was fascinated….

Martin’s classes are fun and interactive and certainly kept my team engaged, followed up by a 1-2-1 to help them setup their email client. He explained the concepts and handled the questions politely and professionally. My team were all IT folk so a tough audience of experts – but he won them over. It took maybe 20 minutes to set up each client using standard Outlook features.

To a man, everyone has found the techniques beneficial and time saving significant. They also all agree they no longer feel a slave to their email. It’s so simple, but it works.

He has since been invited back in to repeat the exercise with a new audience, and interest from others is building quickly.

I would recommend this to all busy business folk!

A selection of comments from Pan European manufacturer

Excellent specialist knowledge. very attentive to needs of attendees. great atmosphere – nice and relaxed and informal – good interaction

No one was left behind. Everyone participated and could ask questions. Trainer was well prepared and answered every question about Excel (even some of other Microsoft Office 365 programs).

Highly interactive despite being an online course. Good overview of the basic functionality of Power BI

Good spirit. Trainer is dynamic and interactive

The trainer is a professional and for sure has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft Teams topic.

Everyone was encouraged to participate in all the tasks/activities.

Interaction … all the time working in the tool

Trainer literally grabbed the attention of attendees 100% of the time online – amazing. Training was very interactive, co-operative between each other during learning process.