About us helping you

We’re all about helping you become more efficient and productive and one of the biggest drains on time is still email.

Microsoft Teams can reduce or eliminate internal email and combine it with our own unique Taming Your Inbox you will instantly have at least an extra hour a day to be productive

It’s also often said that we only use between 5 and 10% of the software at our fingertips. With our Excel, Word or PowerPoint courses we will understand how you currently use these applications, the work you need to undertake and then train you on features that will help you improve efficiency.

And not forgetting the multitude of applications you can use in Office 365 to help you be productive day to day. From Planner to Lists, To Do, Forms, Yammer, SharePoint, One Drive and Power BI

So why do we train? why do we help you and your staff develop their skills in Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Office 365 and all the other Microsoft Office applications?

It’s quiet simple really, we know how pressured the work environment is, we know how busy your jobs are so we’re here to help you save time by understanding how Microsoft Office can help you every day of the week.

We rarely stick to a rigid agenda during our courses. By understanding what delegates do day to day and asking the right type of questions we can adapt our courses to benefit each individual and help them save time.

It may be a case of a formula saving someone 10 days a year, the use of Pivot Tables to save a global Sales Manager 12 days a year, the implementation of Word Quick Parts to save a group of 12 administrators 10 minutes a day every day or it could be the implementation of our Taming Your Inbox programme to help save email users over 2 days a month

It could be training you to use Microsoft Teams as the main hub for your day to day individual and Teamwork and using it to reduce or eliminate internal email

Or we could introduce you to the phenomenal Power BI. it is truly the most amazing addition to Excel in years.

Whatever your requirements are we aim to deliver training that will not only introduce features you not aware of but also to save you time every day of the week.

We deliver Excel (Including VBA), Word, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, Office 365, Teams, SharePoint, One Drive, Planner, To Do, Lists, Tasks – and more – training throughout the UK and Europe. Prior to any of our courses we can analyse existing skill levels and plan courses accordingly.

And how can we forget Redwing Flight. We are one of the only training companies in the UK that provide FREE access to many Excel learning videos that allow attendees to revisit the skills learnt during their courses.

Of course, if you know what you want is a beginner, intermediate or advanced course then we can send our course outline through to you.