Microsoft To Do Training online or onsite

With Microsoft 365 everything changes and no more so than when you start using the To Do app

Learn why it shuld be the first place you go every day of the week, bringing everything togehter in one place

  • Learn how to
  • Use To Do to track your daily tasks.
  • Assign tasks from To Do to your colleagues.
  • Manage Flagged email from To Do
  • Manage Outlook tasks from To Do
  • Track and manage tasks assigned to you from Teams meetings.
  • Manage your Planner assigned tasks from to do
  • Use Loop Components before, during and after meetings to track meeting task. bringing everything together in To Do
  • Turn Team chats and conversations into actions.
  • Use To Do from Outlook, from Microsoft 365, teams on your mobile, desktop and laptop devices
  • Group your tasks in to groups for ease of ttracking and managent
  • Manage all your daily tasks and actions from one location.
We strongly recommend you also attend the Planner training course

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