Taming Your Inbox - Email Management

For a lot of people email continues to be a drain on the day, spending over 35% of the day managing email and therefore not being as productive and efficient as they want to be.

Taming Your Inbox will reduce the amount of time you spend in your Inbox every day and you will …

** be able to find any email in seconds **

** no longer mark emails as unread to remind you to action them **

** no longer flag emails to remind you to action them **

** no longer drag emails into folders **

** have a prioritised email To Do list that is easy to manage and control **

** work from an empty Inbox – yes Inbox Zero **

And we will coach you through the entire process and you’ll see it’s an easy and highly effective way of managing emails

This is one of those rare courses where you don't go away and learn and practice. You will use the Taming Your Inbox process straight away

It’s frightening how much time is wasted every day through inefficient use of email. Worse still is the effect email overload has on the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce.

Taming Your Inbox provides you with a way of controlling your emails now and forever.

Some people have been using Taming Your Inbox for over 5 years and wouldn’t manage their Inbox any other way

Taming Your Inbox is a cohesive strategy for dealing with emails that will have you wondering why you ever worried about how many emails you receive a day.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s just one or two comments we’ve received, there are more on the recommendations page of the LinkedIn profile (Martin Perry | LinkedIn) or the Taming Your Inbox website

“Completely revolutionised my inbox and way of working for the better” – Google review

“This process is going to save huge amount of time…brilliant,  clear and inspiring” – Google review

“If you have not had Taming your inbox training then it is a must. Truly life changing!” – Google review

And there are more on my LinkedIn Profile Martin Perry | LinkedIn