Microsoft Sway Training online or onsite

Explore Microsoft Sway’s dynamic storytelling tool – create, share, and present interactive reports, presentations, and personal stories

  1. Course content
  3. Introduction to Microsoft Sway
    • Overview of Microsoft Sway
    • Navigating the Sway Interface
    • Understanding the Sway Storyline
  5. Getting Started with Sway
    • Creating in Sway
    • Exploring Storyline and Design Panels
    • Importing Content into Sway
    • Adding Focus Points to Images in Sway
  7. Enhancing Your Sways
    • Embedding Content in Sway
    • Using Layout Grids for Design
    • Designing and Sharing in Sway
    • Embedding an Office Document in Sway
  9. Accessibility Features in Sway
    • Sway User Interface Accessibility
    • Turning on Accessibility View
    • Using Accessibility View
    • Viewing Closed Captions when Available
  11. Sway Design Accessibilities
    • Using the Accessibility Checker
    • Using Built-in Heading Styles
    • Formatting Text and Color for Accessibility
    • Creating Accessible Hyperlinks
    • Adding or Editing Alt Text for Images and Videos
    • Making Audio and Video Accessible with Closed Captions
  13. Keyboard Shortcuts for Sway
    • Navigating in Sway with Only Keyboard
    • Formatting Text and Cards
    • Selecting and Navigating in Text
    • Interacting with Cards
    • Playing a Sway

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