SharePoint Training online or onsite

This fully hands on training will ensure there is no confusion about how to use Sharepoint effectively

Confusing, complicated, complex, challenging, limited, intimidating – just some of the words people use to describe SharePoint before they attend our course
Our SharePoint training courses are all instructor led and fully hands on enabling you to learn everything you need to know to be able to use SharePoint confidently
SharePoint is the cloud storage areas in Microsoft 365 but what are they, what is the difference between SharePoint and One Drive, how do you use them, how do you access them and when should you use them. This course explains all this, why they replace servers and how to create, collaborate and work on files with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
This is a course for those who are or will be using SharePoint every day – no jargon included
SharePoint training course
What is SharePoint
What can you do in SharePoint
How to access SharePoint from any PC
Understanding the difference between SharePoint and One Drive
When to use  SharePoint
What are SharePoint Sites
What are SharePoint Document Libraries
Why you will be using Document Libraries
Find out who is a member of a SharePoint site
Find out who is an owner of a SharePoint site
How to create SharePoint sites
How to add members to SharePoint Sites
How to create files in SharePoint with suppliers and clients
How to collaborate on files in SharePoint
How to share files in Sharepoint
How to save and upload files in to SharePoint
How to see who has changed a file in SharePoint
How to stop other members changing files in SharePoint
How to restore earlier versions of files in SharePoint
How to restore deleted files in SharePoint
How to get alerts when a file changes in SharePoint
How to find any file or folder in Sharepoint in seconds
How to search for files in SharePoint
How to sync Sharepoint files to your laptop
How to checked synced files are working correctly
How to always make a file available offline
How are Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams are connected
Send notifications to other SharePoint site members to check files

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