SharePoint Lists Training online or onsite

Learn why and when to use SharePoint Lists

Introduction to SharePoint Lists
Overview of SharePoint Lists
Understanding List Templates
Creating and Configuring Lists

Managing List Data
Adding and Editing List Items
Importing Data into Lists
Using Quick Edit for Bulk Edits
Sorting and Filtering Data

Customizing Lists
Custom Columns and Views
Validation Settings for Data Integrity
Conditional Formatting with JSON

Integration and Automation
Connecting Lists to Power Automate
Creating Workflows for Lists
Integrating with Power BI for Reporting

Advanced Features
Using Managed Metadata and Term Store
Implementing Content Types
List Settings and Permissions

Hands-On Lab
Practical Exercises and Scenarios
Building a Custom List Solution
Sharing and Collaborating on Lists

This course would aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of SharePoint Lists, enabling them to effectively manage data, customize list experiences, and integrate with other Microsoft 365 tools for enhanced productivity. 

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