Power Apps training and development

Learn how to create simple to the more complex Power App We also provide help and guidance developing, implementing and troubleshooting your Power Apps

Power App training

Our course content includes:

  • Introduction to Power Apps
  • Overview and benefits of Power Apps
  • Understanding the Power Apps environment and interfaces
  • Building Canvas Apps
  • Designing and creating a canvas app
  • Working with data sources and connections
  • Customizing user experience with formulas and controls
  • Creating Model-Driven Apps
  • Introduction to model-driven app design
  • Configuring data models and business rules
  • Building forms, views, and dashboards
  • Using Common Data Service (CDS)
  • Exploring the Common Data Service
  • Managing data and entities within CDS
  • Implementing security and sharing models
  • Power Apps Integration
  • Integrating Power Apps with other Microsoft services
  • Automating workflows with Power Automate
  • Creating business solutions with Power BI integration
  • Best Practices and Advanced Techniques
  • Tips for maintaining and optimizing Power Apps
  • Advanced techniques for complex scenarios
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Hands-On Lab
  • Practical exercises to apply what’s learned
  • Building a simple app from scratch
  • Sharing and testing the app within the organization



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Power App development

Redwing also offers comprehensive support to organisations looking to harness the power of Microsoft Power Apps to streamline their business processes and foster innovation. Their approach is hands-on and tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Redwing’s experts guide teams through the entire process of app creation, from conceptualisation to deployment, ensuring that the apps align with the company’s goals and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. They provide training that covers the fundamentals of Power Apps, including canvas and model-driven apps, data integration, and workflow automation with Power Automate.

Moreover, Redwing understands the importance of not just creating apps but also ensuring they are user-friendly and accessible. They advise on best practices for design and user experience, making sure that the apps are intuitive and easy to use for all employees. Their training and advise includes accessibility features and compliance with organisational standards, which is crucial for creating inclusive apps that benefit every team member. Redwing’s expertise in Microsoft 365 applications means they can help organisations take full advantage of the suite’s capabilities, integrating Power Apps with other tools like Power BI for comprehensive business solutions.

In addition to technical training and development, Redwing offers strategic advice on deploying Power Apps within an organisation. They help identify the most impactful use cases and advise on governance and security to ensure that the apps are not only effective but also secure and compliant with data protection regulations. Redwing’s support extends beyond the initial deployment, offering ongoing assistance to refine and enhance Power Apps as the organisation’s needs evolve. This end-to-end support empowers organisations to create and implement their own Power Apps confidently, leading to improved efficiency and a competitive edge in their respective industries.