Microsoft One Note Training online or onsite

Maximize productivity with Microsoft OneNote – your digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across devices

About One Note

Not just Microsoft’s electronic note pad but a whole lot more.
Capture any notes in seconds
Work with pages, sections and notebooks
Tag notes
Capture your meeting notes in one place
Share meeting notes
Collaborate on notes
Set To Do lists
Link to Outlook tasks
Find any note in seconds
Add screen cliipings and printouts to One Notes

Use One Note as a CRM system
Use One Note in Planner
Use One Note in SharePoint
Use One Note in Team Channels

Here at Redwing we have been using One Note for over 10 years and have retained all One Note notebooks during that time, that way we can recall and find any notes made over those years. They inlude client meetings, CRM systems, planning notes, marketing notes, in fact notes about every aspect of the business

Course content to include

start One Note and open and navigate notebooks create a new simple notebook work with sections and pages in a notebook add various forms of content to a notebook gain an understanding of working with linked notes create and use Quick Notes apply formatting to note text work with note containers create and work with an outline work with tables use the drawing tools to create basic drawings create and work with tags search in notebooks create and work with a custom template apply page formatting print and export notebooks work with the security features in One Note share and work on shared notebooks work with the Outlook integration features in One Note

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