Microsoft Word Training

We love training and we also love helping you become more efficient when using word. That's why our biggest tip when using Word is to please, please STOP RIGHT CLICKING. It's a huge waste of time and we'll explain why during our courses. The penny drops thereafter.

Take a look below at what we can offer, if you don't see what you are looking for we would love to have a chat with you and we would love to receive your email with questions

The key to understanding Word is to meet BOB. BOB answers so many questions and has been part Word since day 1.

Most of us could create a basic letter or a short report, but when it comes to longer documents, using numbering, moving paragraphs around or aligning text it starts to go horribly wrong; text jumps around all over the place for apparently no reason and hours are wasted.

Word courses are best run with specific objectives in mind from simple operational documents with text and pictures to more complex documents with multi pages and numbered paragraphs. Once you have a good understanding of how good Word really is you’ll love it.

Our bespoke courses are the most popular as they are geared towards creating very specific types of documents. A typical bespoke course is detailed below along with our beginner, Intermediate and advanced courses.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re after get in touch via email

Courses we offer

Bespoke (a typical example) – Creating multiple level numbered documents

  • Introducing BOB
  • Understanding paragraphs (including spacing and alignment) – this is the most important skill to understand
  • Understanding Bullets and numbers (they are paragraphs)
  • Understand key formatting techniques when creating numbered documents
  • Setting up and changing paragraphs
  • Using Page and Section breaks
  • Setting up and changing single level bullets and numbers
  • Setting up multiple level number lists (1, 1.1, 1.1.1 etc)
  • Understanding document styles
  • Using Headers and Footers
  • Creating and amending paragraph and number styles
  • Using cross referencing
  • Creating and changing Table of Contents
  • Creating an Index


  • Understanding Word and when to use it
  • Creating a new word document
  • Formatting techniques (Font type, size, colour, alignment etc)
  • Cut, copy & Paste
  • Paragraph formatting (the most important skill to understand in word)
  • Using Word tables
  • Setting pages up to print


  • Recap Paragraph formatting (the most important skill to understand in word)
  • Selection techniques (so you don’t always drag your mouse over everything)
  • Setting Word options
  • Using the navigation pane
  • More advanced formatting techniques (Hanging indents, pagination, Widows and Orphans)
  • Creating and using bullet lists
  • Creating and using number lists
  • Creating and using Building blocks
  • Creating and using Auto text
  • Using Themes
  • More advanced table techniques (eg. prevent rows and columns moving when entering data)
  • Using page and section breaks
  • Understanding Headers and Footers (including page numbering)
  • Using Pictures in documents


  • Creating, using and updating Table of Contents
  • Creating, using and updating index
  • Creating and Using Building Blocks
  • How and when to use automated fields
  • How and when to use interacted fields
  • Creating a form from word (date pickers, drop downs, combo boxes etc)
  • Using track change


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