We love training and we also love helping you become more efficient when using word. That's why our biggest tip when using Word is to please, please STOP RIGHT CLICKING. It's a huge waste of time and we'll explain why during our courses. The penny drops thereafter.

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The key to understanding Word is to meet BOB. BOB answers so many questions and has been part Word since day 1
Most of us could create a basic letter or a short report, but when it comes to longer documents, using numbering, moving paragraphs around or aligning text it starts to go horribly wrong; text jumps around all over the place for apparently no reason and hours are wasted.
Word courses are best run with specific objectives in mind from simple operational documents with text and pictures to more complex documents with multi pages and numbered paragraphs. Once you have a good understanding of how good Word really is you’ll love it.
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Of course if you want a beginner, Intermediate or advance course we can help

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