Microsoft Teams Training

We love training and we also love helping you truly understand the amazing power of Microsoft Teams - the swiss army knife of productivity.

If you're already using Teams for chat and meetings that's fantastic, we'll help you take Teams to a whole new level. We'll introduce you to the many FREE apps you have available in teams and how they can improve your and your teams efficiency and effectiveness.

And why jump from Teams, to your browser, to Sharepoint then to Excel when you can stay in Teams all the time

Take a look below at what we can offer, if you don't see what you are looking for we would love to have a chat with you and we would love to receive your email with questions

Microsoft Teams is truly amazing – it should completely change the way you work. 
An it’s so much more than chat and meetings
Learn about Channels, Apps, Collaborating, Lists, Planners, To Do, Approvals, Flows and much much more
Teams General
Setting up Teams
All about Channels
Communication in Teams and Channels
Using Teams for fast internal comunication
Using Teams to reduce internal email
Teams Apps
Using Planner in Microsoft Teams
Using Approvals in Microsoft Teams
Using Places in Microsoft Teams
Using Lists in Microsoft Teams
Using ONe Note in Microsoft Teams
Automating process in Microsoft Teams
Teams Bespoke
We’ll creeate a bespoke Microsoft Teams course just for your needs
Teams Meetings
Different roles within meetings
Using One Note for Teams meeting notes – all in one place
Changing meeting roles
Screen sharing in meetings
Scheduling meetings
Setting up Breakout Rooms