Microsoft SharePoint and One Drive

SharePoint and One Drive are the cloud storage areas in Microsoft 365 but what are they, what is the difference between the two and when should you use them. This course explains all this, why they replace servers and how to create, collaborate and work on files with colleagues, suppliers and customers

SharePoint and One Drive are key parts of Microsoft 365 and for most people will be the place when files and documents are stored.

This course will introduce you to SharePoint and One Drive and will explain exactly what they are and the difference between the two

You will learn how to access SharePoint and One Drive from any PC, how to store and work with files and how to collaborate with colleagues

This course is for those who will be using SharePoint and One Drive every day so not techy jargon is included, although we will be introducing you to new a little bit of new terminology – don’t worry we make it nice and easy to understand

And we answer the one question we get asked all the time – what is the difference between using Servers, SharePoint and One Drive

Course content

  • how to access SharePoint and One Drive from any PC
  • understanding the difference between SharePoint and One Drive
  • understanding the basics of SharePoint Online including SharePoint sites and their components
  • creating and modifying SharePoint team sites
  • navigating SharePoint sites
  • understand how to work with existing SharePoint libraries
  • creating, saving and editing Microsoft Office files through SharePoint
  • recovering SharePoint files
  • syncing files to your PC and monitoring syncing
  • creating and work with SharePoint Lists
  • creating SharePoint libraries
  • searching for files and folders in SharePoint
  • using SharePoint apps
  • understanding the basics of One Drive
  • working on files in One Drive
  • sharing files from One Drive


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