Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project helps project managers manage small to large projects. Project can be used to plan, schedule and track projects

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Project management software

Be it a small project or a larger more complex project, Microsoft Project will meet the needs of project managers to help manage projects

Microsoft Project is designed to assist project managers to develop a project schedule and create project tasks which can be assigned to project resources and the overall project progress tracked.

This project management software will enable you to create and develop a project schedule, create and assign resources to tasks, track project progress, manage project budget, analyse workloads, create project baselines, share resources and more

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Courses we offer

Introductory Perfect for those new to Microsoft Project

  • Using Gantt Charts
  • Creating and managing tasks
  • Linking tasks
  • Creating and working with resources
  • Allocating and managing resources
  • Calculating project costs
  • Creating reports
  • Printing reports
  • Working with critical path analysis

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Working with master and sub projects
  • Working with shared resource pools
  • Sharing and managing shared resources
  • Creating project baselines
  • Creating and using project templates
  • Creating custom filters and groups
  • Adjusting project schedules
  • Using built in filters and groups
  • Working with graphical indicators
  • Customising the project interface


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