Microsoft PowerPoint Training

With most of use Presenting online through Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other platforms it's crucial that presenters have the skills to create powerful and effective presentations - online you'll get one chance to get that sale and you now have to do it online

we'll show you how to create effective and powerful presentations in seconds

Too many words and you've lost the audience

And don't forget there is a right way and and absolutely WRONG way to present online

From creating a basic presentation with bullets and a few pictures to something more engaging our PowerPoint course will cover everything you need to know and leave it to your imagination to create a fantastic presentation.
Remember, you can NEVER have too many slides in a presentation it’s how they work together that is absolutely essential
One thing that we’ve never understood about PowerPoint presentations is why company logo’s are included on all slides when presenting internally – does it distract from the content?
Not only can we help you create powerful presentations but provided many tips and tricks that you’ve probably never even considered.
We can also help you create your own company template that everyone can use. Most templates we come across look great, but are impossible to use.