Microsoft Power BI Training

Power BI is an incredibly powerful data analytics tool that provides insights in to your data and a multitube of visualisation to easily understand the meaning of your data

Anyone analysing data from small collections of data to huge collections of data should be using Power BI

Without doubt the way forward for analysing data. From small amounts to vast arrays of data and from multiple sources Microsoft Power BI provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities allowing you to gain invaluable insights into your data

Microsoft Power BI Interfaces are provided to make it simple for end users to create their own reports and dashboards and subsequently share them with a combination of tables, charts, maps, diagrams, and filters and all fully interactive

You will no longer require IT or outside consultants to gather, transform and analyse your data, this can all now be down within Microsoft Power BI

If you are using Excel to analyse data, from small data sets to thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of rows of data you should consider switching to Microsoft Power BI

Courses we offer.

An Introduction to Power BI – 1 Day course

If you’ve never heard of, or used Power BI this is the ideal starting point. We will introduce you to Power BI Dekstop and Power BI online, explaining the differences. You will be creating reports, visualisations and dashboards to analyse arrays of data

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Power BI Data modelling visualisation and DAX – online

4 * 1/2 day online session

This course is perfect for those wanting to start using Power BI but also create their own data models, reports and to expand their skills in to Data Analysis Language (DAX)

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Beginners guide to Power BI – 2 Hours

One of our Friday Bitesize sessions, this 2 hour overview will show you the potential of using Power BI for creating data reports and visualisations

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An Introduction to Power BI – 1 day course – course content

  • What is Power BI
  • Data Sources
  • Introducing Visualisations
  • using filters, Slicers, maps and charts
  • Introducing DAX
  • Creating data models
  • Publishing a report to Microsoft Teams

Power BI Data modelling visualisation and DAX – online – course content

Session 1

  • What is Power BI
  • Connecting to various data Sources
  • Introducing DAX
  • Introducing visualisations

Session 2

  • Building on DAX
  • Creating a Data Model
  • Calendars in Power BI
  • Time Intelligence
  • More on Visualisations

Session 3

  • More on DAX
  • Creating and using Queries

Session 4

  • Handling query issues
  • Story telling with Power BI
  • Publishing to Power BI Service

Beginners Guide to Power BI – Course content

  • Using Power BI desktop
  • Creating a Power BI report
  • Using various visualisations
  • Filtering and slicing reports


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