Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud, subscription-based collection of applications and tools containing the applications we have known and loved for years (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc) but so much more.

Depending on your subscription you may have access to applications such as SharePoint, One Drive, Planner, Tasks, Microsoft Teams, Lists, Forms, Yammer, Exchange and many third-party applications. And this list changes regularly

Courses we provide

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Introduction to Office 365 – 1 day

This course will introduce you to Office 365. You will be accessing Office 365 through a browser and be introduced to:

  • SharePoint
  • One Drive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Other Office 365 apps

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SharePoint and One Drive for the end user – 1day

This course explains the difference between SharePoint and One Drive and provides the End User with knowledge and confidence to use SharePoint and One Drive

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Office 365 Planner allows you to track small Projects or personal based tasks, providing cards for each Task, due dates, deadlines and email reminders. You can track task progress through Charts and calendars

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Starting life in SharePoint Lists is now it’s own Office 365 app. Great for creating, sharing and tracking work across teams.

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Microsoft Teams

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Office 365 Forms allows you to create surveys, polls, questionnaires and quizzes with an instant richly formatted results dashboard. Forms can also be created and analysed in Excel

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Microsoft Office

See our Excel, Word, PowerPoint pages or get in touch about Project, Outlook and any other courses

To do

Your own personal To do List in Office 365. Office 365 To Do allows you to create multiple private To Do lists and share them with colleagues or family

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Office 365 Introduction – course content

  • Understanding Office 365
  • Accessing Office 365 through a browser
  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Introduction to One Drive
  • Difference between SharePoint and One Drive
  • Creating Editing and sharing documents in Office 365
  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Overview of key Office 365 apps

SharePoint and One Drive for the end usercourse content

  • Access SharePoint and One Drive from Office 365
  • understand the basics of SharePoint Online including SharePoint sites and their components
  • create and modify team sites
  • navigate SharePoint sites
  • work with OneDrive
  • understand how to work with existing SharePoint libraries
  • create, save and edit common Microsoft Office documents through SharePoint
  • Syncing files to your PC and monitoring syncing
  • create and work with files and list items
  • create lists and libraries
  • create and assign task
  • work with calendars and events
  • create, modify and delete views for lists and libraries
  • perform searches in SharePoint Online
  • Using SharePoint apps

Planner – course content

  • Accessing Office 365 Planner app
  • Setting up a plan
  • Adding Team members to a plan
  • Assign and tracking plan Tasks
  • Adding Plans to your personal Outlook Calendar
  • Working with multiple plans
  • Creating and using Plans in Microsoft Teams
  • Work with plan files
  • Using Notebooks in Plans

Forms – course content

  • Accessing Office 365 Forms app
  • Creating a Poll
  • Creating a questionnaire
  • Creating a Survey
  • Creating a quiz
  • Analysing results in Forms app
  • Creating and analysing Forms from Excel
  • Creating and using forms in Microsoft teams

Lists – course content

  • Accessing the Office 365 Lists app
  • Creating your own Office 365 list for team based projects
  • Using and adapting Office 365 List templates
  • Editing Office 365 lists
  • Applying Conditional formatting to Lists
  • Assigning tasks to colleagues
  • Tracking list tasks
  • Creating and using Office 365 Lists in Microsoft Teams

To Do – course content

  • Accessing the Office 365 To Do app
  • Creating a To Do Lists
  • Creating multiple to do Lists
  • Accessing To Do from Outlook
  • Setting due dates and reminders
  • Prioritising actions for the day
  • Assigning Tasks to others


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