Microsoft Excel Training

We love training and we also love helping you become more efficient when using Excel. That's why our biggest tip when using Excel is to please, please STOP RIGHT CLICKING. It's a huge waste of time and we'll explain why during our courses. The penny drops thereafter.

Take a look below at what we can offer, if you don't see what you are looking for we would love to have a chat with you and we would love to receive your email with questions

Courses we offer


If you’re new to Excel or require a confidence boost this is the ideal starting point. Over a day you will understand what Excel is and when to use it. Your confidence and skills will rocket throughout the day and there is plenty of opportunity for you to practice (see content below).


Are you looking to take your skills to the next level or cement your current knowledge, then this would be perfect for you

This is our most popular course and we always encourage attendees to ask questions throughout the day. With the vast experience we have of training at this level we always find that one day is never enough for attendees so we encourage a follow up day (or half day) a few weeks later (see content below)


Now you want to start looking at the more advanced features of Excel, things you may never have come across before, this is the next step

Attendees turning up on this course get concerned that we’ll show them complicated formulas and features in excel. This is far from the case, this is about opening the door to little know features and suddenly realising they could save you huge amounts of time (See content below)


If you have very specific requirements in mind we can create a unique course for you. Let’s talk about this one. We’ve listed some of the things we’ve been asked about below


Have you got Excel based pricing models that have been in operation for years and need updating, do you have spreadsheets that cause problems or need updating? Whatever the situation is we can update models, improve and fix problems or create spreadsheet models from the ground up futureproofing as we progress.

We provide a full project scope plan when working as a consultancy

email us at and we can start talking


Do you want to start learning how to program in Excel. We’ll start right from the beginning, explaining the concepts of VBA programming. Once you start you decide where you want to take your skills and we’ll take you there.

To summarise

From beginner to advance and everything in between we have a course to fit your exact requirements. It could be a standard course that fits your needs or something more bespoke. You may even want to assess your workforce skill set before deciding. Whatever it may be we are here to help you, guide you and train you to increase productivity with Excel

We are one of the only training providers in the UK who provide video courseware after every Excel course at no extra cost (not VBA)

Excel Beginner course content

  • What is Excel
  • Why and when to use Excel
  • Creating a simple spreadsheet
  • Formatting a spreadsheet (changing font, colours, adding borders etc)
  • Working with rows and columns (resizing, adding, removing etc)
  • Updating spreadsheets
  • Entering data correctly (Numbers, dates, text etc)
  • Creating basic Excel formulas
  • Creating basic Charts (Column Charts and Pie Charts)
  • Printing Excel spreadsheets

Excel Intermediate Course Content

  • Working with multiple Excel workbooks and worksheets
  • Formulas recap – to ensure everyone understands the basic concepts
  • Using formula auditing tools
  • Excel worksheet tables (The must use tool)
  • Filtering data (We’ll delve deep in to this – it’ll wow you)
  • Freeze panes (There are 2 golden rules to getting this right0
  • Logical Functions – IF and IFS
  • Lookup functions – VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP
  • An Introduction to Pivot Tables (including Slicers)
  • All about conditional formatting
  • Using Filling techniques
  • Plenty of tips, tricks and shortcuts

Excel Advanced Course Content

  • Custom Views
  • The amazing excel camera
  • Using the new Excel functions FILTER, UNIQUE, EXACT and XLOOKUP
  • Data Validation (including creating dynamic sorted drop down lists)
  • Scenario Manager
  • Advanced data analysis with Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Table dashboards
  • Consolidating data from multiple locations
  • Grouping and outlining data
  • Summarising data quickly
  • Working with the new comments feature
  • Protecting Excel data
  • Creating simply Macros
  • Many tips, tricks and shortcuts

Excel Bespoke course content

You decide the content. It can come from any of the above courses and we also get asked about:

  • Cleaning Excel data
  • Collaborating on Excel spreadsheets (In Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and One Drive)
  • Sharing and collaborating on Excel spreadsheets with Google users
  • Learning about text based functions UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, CONCAT, SUNSTITUE etc.
  • Statistical Functions COUNTIF, SUMIF, LARGE, SMALL COUNTA etc
  • Checking workbook for hidden content – rows, columns, meta data etc
  • Using hyperlinks to navigate quickly
  • Using excel apps


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