Microsoft Forms Training online or onsite

Microsoft Forms is an intuitive tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls, facilitating easy data collection and analysis in business environments.

Our course includes

Introduction to Microsoft Forms
Overview of Microsoft Forms and its capabilities
Navigating the Forms interface

Creating Forms and Surveys
Designing forms and surveys
Adding different types of questions
Customizing form settings for various scenarios

Sharing and Collaboration
Methods for sharing forms and collecting responses
Collaborating on form creation and analysis

Analyzing and Managing Data
Viewing and analyzing responses in real-time
Utilizing built-in analytics tools
Exporting data to Excel for further analysis

Advanced Features
Implementing branching logic
Using Forms in quizzes and assessments
Integrating Forms with other Microsoft 365 apps

Best Practices and Tips
Ensuring form accessibility
Maintaining data privacy and security
Troubleshooting common issues

Hands-On Lab
Practical exercises to create, share, and analyse a form
Interactive Q&A session

This course aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of Microsoft Forms, enabling them to efficiently gather information, conduct surveys, and analyze data within their organisations. It’s important to include practical exercises to ensure that attendees can apply their new skills immediately.


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