Redwing Case Studies

Case Study: Company’s Process Optimization with Redwing


A company with extensive manual processes predominantly with Excel, faced significant challenges in running and analysing reports. The time-consuming nature of these tasks ranged from half a day to four days for completion, hindering efficiency and productivity.


The primary challenge was the excessive time spent on manual tasks, which left little to no time for data analysis. This inefficiency led to a lack of cover for key tasks during staff absences and increased business risk due to unanalysed data.


Redwing Consultancy was brought in to address these issues. The approach was to understand the varying abilities of the company’s staff and provide tailored solutions. Redwing ensured that all team members, regardless of their skill level, had a comprehensive understanding of the new systems being implemented with Excel Power Query


The introduction of the solutions based around Excel Power Query led to significant time savings for the company. The company can now easily cover key tasks during staff absences, minimizing business risk. The time previously spent generating reports is now used more effectively for data analysis and interpretation.


The company’s collaboration with Redwing Consultancy has transformed its operational processes, leading to improved efficiency and a deeper understanding of data-driven decision-making. The training provided has unlocked the full potential of Excel Power Query, enhancing data analysis

This case study format highlights the problem, solution, and results, providing a clear narrative of the company’s journey to process optimization. Feel free to adjust the content to better fit your company’s voice or add any additional details you find relevant.