7 reasons to use Microsoft 365

Reason 1 - Your files

Access your Excel workbooks, Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations files from anywhere on any device. You only need an Internet connection.

Reason 2 - Work and collaborate seamlessly

Work and collaborate seamlessly across apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams, which are fully integrated and work together seamlessly.

Reason 3 - Many applications

Use the many microsoft 365 applications to help your day-to-day productivity such as Planner, Bookings, Loop, and One Note at no extra cost.

Reason 4 - Secuirty and compliance

Stay secure and compliant. Microsoft 365 offers advanced security features and compliance tools that help you protect your data and meet your industry standards. You can encrypt your emails and files, set permissions and policies, monitor and audit activities, and recover from ransomware attacks.

Reason 5 - Microsoft CoPilot AI

Leverage the power of AI. Microsoft 365 uses artificial intelligence to enhance your productivity and creativity. You can get insights and suggestions from smart features like Editor, Ideas, Designer, and PowerPoint Presenter Coach. You can also use voice commands and dictation to control your apps and create content.

Reason 6 - Customise your experience

Customise your experience. Microsoft 365 allows you to tailor your apps and services to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose from different plans and subscriptions and can also use Microsoft Power Platform to build your own apps and workflows.

Reason 7 - Incredible value for money

Get more value for your money. Microsoft 365 gives you more than just apps and services. You also get cloud storage, online meetings, business email, social networking, and more.