23 things you can do in SharePoint and One Drive and 11 amazing things about Microsoft Teams

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This free online demonstration demonstrates 21 features in Excel you probably never new existed and may not be shown on an Excel course. In addition to four Outlook tips and seven Windows 10 tricks that could save you time every day. 

SharePoint tips 

What is it 

Site membership – how to find details 

Creating files directly in SharePoint 

Copy, move, delete and restore files in SharePoint 

Move or rename files whilst they are open 

Collaborate seamlessly on files in Teams 

Using the all-new comments in Excel 

How to find who changed an Excel cell, when they changed it and what they changed it from and to (there’s no hiding place now) 

How two or more people can filter and Excel table at the same time  

File search will completely change the way you work 

How to catch up in Word where you left off 

The all-new Comments in Word 

How to copy text from one Word document to another without using copy and paste 

A quick look at the amazing SharePoint lists 

SharePoint Lists to Pivot Tables 

How to show recent changes made to a PowerPoint presentation 

Post news to SharePoint sites for all to see 

Create social events in SharePoint for all to see 

How you can use the Recycle bin to restore deleted files – no need to go to IT now 

One Drive 

What is it 

Share files from One Drive 

Shared by you / Shared with you from One Drive 

Recent files and to find them instantly 

Teams Tips 

About the Planner app 

About the Places app 

About the Employee ideas apps 

Create quick shortcuts to regularly used Team files 

Collaborate as a Team with a Whiteboard 

Create quickly accessible and editable how to Guides 

Use Teams for recording internal phone numbers – not a sheet of A4 paper on a wall in every room 

What are the three different roles during a meeting and what do they mean 

Set status message and Out Of Office in Teams 

Use subtitles in meetings 

Don’t fall into the trap of using PowerPoint live