21 Excel & 9 Windows 10 tricks – FREE webinar

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This free online demonstration demonstrates 21 features in Excel you probably never new existed and may not be shown on an Excel course. In addition to four Outlook tips and seven Windows 10 tricks that could save you time every day. 

Excel Tips and Tricks

Recovered unsaved documents (even if you select “don’t save”) 

Auto recover file (even if you select “don’t save” and not in 365) 

Quickly check workbooks for Hidden rows & columns, hidden worksheets, Comments, meta data, links, active filters, headers and footers, timelines or invisible content. 

Smart tags – the hated child – use them all the time 

Shortcuts to save workbooks, add up columns of numbers, add today’s date  

Hide formulas in protected worksheets 

Hide cell contents in protected worksheets 

The amazing world of tables and slicers 

F12 (File, Save as) 

Include day of the week and date in same cell 

Set up quick typing (eg. Type RW to insert Redwing Training) 

Increase all numbers by 10% (without a formula) 

Convert numbers to percentages (without a formula) 

Copy data from Rows to columns or columns to rows 

Copy and paste data retaining custom column widths  

Copy and paste to create a formula 

Check for features not supported by earlier versions of excel 

Set up hyperlinks to navigate around a worksheet 

Using excel without a mouse or touchpad 

Quickly Find cells with formulas 

Scribble in a workbook 

BONUS – How to remember hundreds of passwords without writing any down, or use an app 

Windows 10 tips and tricks  

Using timeline to quickly revisit past websites and documents 

Create quick shortcuts to folders and files (NOT desktop shortcuts) 

Use task view to switch between open applications 

Use Task View to set up multiple desktops 

Keyboard shortcut to lock your PC or laptop 

Keyboard shortcut to minimize all applications 

Windows clipboard to copy and paste between non-Microsoft applications 

Use dynamic lock to automatically lock your PC when you walk away 

Windows 10 to search for files – anywhere 

Start menu navigation 

Outlook tips and tricks

How to schedule up to 2 hours of focus time each day (and what that means) 

How to reuse text in different emails without using copy and paste 

How to create shortcuts to move emails to folders, set reminders and assign categories 

How to quickly date reminders and Calendar appointments 

Keyboard shortcuts to move from your Inbox, to Calendar to Tasks. 

An introduction to Taming Your Inbox – the amazing way to stay in control of emails